How to play

To play, you have only to send the bet amount of the address.

Choose ODD or EVEN
If bet will be right you WIN 198% instantly!
WINNINGS = BET x 1.98 , you will receive winnings after 1 confirmation

EVEN address wallet 1vsUrQQq9UaNycnpbPKRkHSe7th4n8R3k
ODD address wallet 1PzzNyQggT7186pdAnybLcLuqSgEex48wU

1. Copy the address EVEN 1vsUrQQq9UaNycnpbPKRkHSe7th4n8R3k or ODD 1PzzNyQggT7186pdAnybLcLuqSgEex48wU into your wallet.
2. Send your bet amount from your wallet to the address copied.
3. You can see your transaction process on the transactions table result.

If you win, you will receive the winning to your wallet after 1 confirmation.


1. Use only wallet that can receive bitcoin to the same address that sent the bitcoin.
If you are not sure, test by sending a bet with the minimum amount (0.0005 BTC),
If you get nothing back, your wallet is not compatible .
If you use a exchange or shared wallet, you will not receive the payout to your address as you do not have
control of this address. especially, you have not to use coinbase, xapo wallet.

2. All transaction is available only one bitcoin address.
If you send to multiple addresses on one transaction, only one address will be executed.

3. Minimum bet amount is 0.0005 , maximum is 0.25 btc (During launch period, after will be increase max bet).
amount bet below 0.0005 belong to us, the one above 0.25 will be paid back after your request!

4. The our bitcoin game have only one wallet address
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